Where is Secure-It Self Storage located?

We are a Half Mile East of Lowes and Route 9 on Route 146, across from the Stewarts.

When can I access my storage?
You have access to your storage 7 days week from 5am to 10pm. 24x7 access is available for customers that require it for $15.

Why do you charge extra for 24x7 Access?
In order to increase the security of our facility, we restrict standard access hours to 5am-10pm as this meets the needs of 99%+ of our customers.

Do you offer power?
We have many unit sizes available with power, for vehicle storage trickle charging, or larger power needs. We can also offer power in our climate controlled buildings - for wine storage, refrigeration, or other needs.

Do you offer Wi-Fi/Internet Access?
Yes! We have free guest Wifi. If you have more advanced networking requirements please contact us!

What colleges or universities are you near?
Secure-It Self Storage is near many local schools. We’re close to The University at Albany, The College of Saint Rose, Hudson Valley Community College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Skidmore College.

Do you offer online bill pay?
Yes. Pay your storage bill easily from anywhere that you have access to the internet.

Online Move-ins:

I just moved in online, is there anything else I need to do?
Yes, we ask that you stop by our office at your convenience so that we can verify your ID, take a picture for your units security, and also get a copy of your insurance if you are providing your own.

When moving in online, I see a charge for pro-rated rent for the current month, as well as a charge for rent. What is it?
If you are moving in after the 20th of the current month or if you are getting a promotional discount, you will also pre-pay for the following month upon move-in.

When moving in online, it is required to choose an insurance option, but I wish to provide my own insurance. What do I do?
Just choose any option and come in before the end of the current month with proof of your insurance, and we will take it off of your account at no charge to you.

When eSigning the lease, it is asking for my Vehicle information, but I am not storing a Vehicle. What do I do?
If you are not storing a vehicle, enter in N/A.

What are your insurance options and what do they cost?
We offer Tenant Property Protection plans at the following levels/costs:
  • $2000 for $10 per month
  • $3000 for $14 per month
  • $5000 for $24 per month
You may also provide proof of insurance from a Homeowners or Renters policy.

Vehicles must be insured with automobile insurance.

What are some of the advantages of your Property Protection Plans vs using my homeowners or renters insurance policy?
  • Our plans do not have a deductible
  • Claims do not go on your insurance record
  • Tenant Property Protection in many cases covers losses that are not covered by your Homeowners or Renters policy

What is the difference between a 5x10 and 10x5 Unit?
A 5x10 unit has a 5' opening that is 10' deep. A 10x5 is the opposite - it has a 10' opening that is 5' deep.

I am storing an RV/Boat/Vehicle, how tall and wide are the doors?
Door width can be determined by subtracting 1 foot from the unit width. For example, a 10' wide unit has a 9' wide door and a 12' wide unit has an 11' wide door.

We have 3 different door heights available: 7', 9' and 12'. You can see the height when selecting your unit on the Unit Pricing page by looking at the Amenities listed in the description.

Can I purchase boxes and supplies from you?
We have boxes and other packing supplies in our office and if you ever need dollies and handcarts we have those available as well.

What other cities are you near?
We’re near Halfmoon, Malta, Ballston Spa, Mechanicville and Waterford.

Are your units temperature controlled?
Yes, our Climate Controlled units are temperature & humidity controlled. So if you have sensitive antique furniture pieces, instruments, documents to archve, or any of your other environmentally sensitive items.

What makes your facility so secure?
We’ve installed a HD security camera system that records our entire facility 24/7. Our facility is also enclosed by a fence and our computerized gate is always closed yet fast at opening, allowing us to keep it secure all day. Many other facilities leave their gates open all day allowing anyone to wander in.